Yahala Lachmish (Aviv) currently (Hebrew Barney)

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Yahala Lachmish (Aviv) currently (Hebrew Barney)

Post  barneythedinofan on Fri Jan 01, 2010 11:29 pm

Yahala Lachmish, who played the "Kathy-like" Aviv on Hachaverim Shel Barney, sings in her family's group, the Simcha Girls, something she has done since she was four years old. In addition, she is one of the lead singers/musicians of the band Aviv MissAviv.

All this info and more is on the Lachmish family's site: www.lachmish-hafakot.com (Don't worry, the site is both in English and Hebrew)

In addition, on one of the pages, you can hear Yahala sing "My Favorite Things" (from the Sound of Music) in Hebrew, which was from her run on the Israeli young kids talent show "Bravo!" in 2000. Specifically, this page is the one where you can hear her very talented singing voice (at only 10 years old too).
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